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How do I record a personal greeting?

You can change your personal greeting from within the HulloMail app.


1. Select Menu -> Greetings 
Here will be your list of greetings, the first 2 are system provided greetings, and any remaining are your recorded greetings.

2. You can create a new recorded greeting by pressing the top right '+' button, or you can edit an existing greeting by swiping left on a greeting which will reveal more options. Don't worry if you get stage fright, you can re-record and play the message as often as you like.

3. Once you are happy, press Save. 
Your active greeting is indicated by an orange tick.

Please Note: If you are experiencing problems playing back or saving greetings, please check your iPhone Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone, ensure HulloMail is enabled.


4. Select Menu -> Greetings

5. Press 'Active greeting' and choose Personal Greeting.

6. Press record, and give it your best shot!

Once you are happy, press Save.

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